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Shane Gomes, Ph.D.

Shane earned his Ph.D, in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, CA.  He is a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Psychologist (License #5359) and a National Register Health Service Psychologist (Registrant #55863).  
Dr. Gomes had spent several years treating children and adolescents with Bipolar Disorder and other Mental Health disorders in an outpatient Mental Health Clinic.  He has given several trainings and workshops to Mental Health Professionals on assessing and treating children and adolescents with Bipolar Disorder, Attachment Disorders with Foster/Adoptive Children, and on Law and Ethics.  
Dr. Gomes has spent several years in Education teaching Psychology to undergraduate and graduate students at the university and community college level at National University, California State University - Los Angeles, Long Beach College in California, and Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, NC.  He has taught introductory psychology, abnormal psychology, law and ethics, child therapy, child psychopathology, counseling theory, trauma, clinical assessment, personality theory, social psychology, biological psychology, violence and aggression, child maltreatment and developmental psychology courses for several years to undergraduate and graduate students.  He has also taught many of these courses to marriage and family counseling graduate students.  
Dr. Gomes research interests include analyzing the current trends with law and ethics for mental health professionals; studying attachment and attachment disorders in children, especially children in the foster care system and adoptions; studying effective treatment strategies for abused/neglected children; and studying the cultural influence and impact on intimate partner violence reporting.  
Dr. Gomes has an extensive work history in inpatient psychiatric care, outpatient psychotherapy, and day treatment with adults, children, adolescents, couples, families, and groups.  
Dr. Gomes had a small private practice in California working with adults, couples, families, children, and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, drug/alcohol addictions, sexual addictions, trauma, foster care/adoption issues, attachment issues, couples counseling, intimate partner violence, personality disorders, men's issues, and other mental health challenges.  
Dr. Gomes incorporates Christian/Catholic principles into his psychological therapy techniques and utilizes cognitive and behavioral treatment methods.  Dr. Gomes is a member of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association.  He currently works part time atour Gastonia Location.

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