Anna is a graduate of Liberty University with a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling.  Anna's education and professional career have been focused on children and families with a specialization in infant mental health and trauma.  She is also trained in Theraplay - Level One and is certified as a Foundational Practitioner.  In 2010 Anna completed a fellowship program to become specialized in infant and young mental health from ZFive in Mecklenburg County.  Anna has trained other professionals, including law enforcement, social workers, and early childhood specialists on the effects of toxic stress on infants and children.
Prior to Co-founding Art of Therapy Center, Anna has worked as a Mental Health Clinician, then Clinical Supervisor for the Child Development-Community Policing Program. During her time there, she worked with children and families exposed to trauma and violence while partnering with uniformed Law enforcement officers.  Anna also spent her time training law enforcement officers on responding to children exposed to trauma.  Anna believes in the importance of early intervention; not only for infants and young children, but intervening early after a trauma.  She has seen first hand the positive impact of acute trauma care on the well-being of children and families.  
Anna is married and the mother of two rambunctious boys.